About Us

We are a Modern Addiction Treatment Center

Why Choose Bend Treatment Center

We are here to provide confidential treatment and support a new beginning for our clients. Bend Treatment Center has an interdisciplinary treatment team consisting of physicians, nurses, and licensed counselors that will help aid the individual to a life free of addictive substances.

Although Bend Treatment Center specializes in opiate addiction, Bend Treatment Center facilities offer services that can aid an individual to a life free of illicit substance.

Our Mission

The mission of BTC is to provide professional, personal, affordable and effective treatment to those suffering from opioid addiction in Central Oregon and to proactively engage and educate the communities we serve about the disease.

Our History

Our company was founded by experienced industry professionals who share backgrounds in daily clinic operations, medical care, clinical care, and most importantly a heart for the treatment of those suffering from the disease of addiction. We share a belief that excellent, affordable treatment should be accessible by all people and are in possession of a time tested treatment model that has proven to effectively meet this objective. Our aim is to take this passion and performance and apply it to a treatment center that will address the needs of the under-served population of Central Oregon and integrate medication assisted treatment into the continuum of care already shared among other medical and clinical providers in the area.

Welcome to Bend Treatment Center

Professional, Personal, Affordable and Effective Treatment

Bend Treatment Center (BTC) is a Joint Commission accredited Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center focusing on treating those suffering from an addiction to opioids (pain-pills, heroin, morphine, etc.) through a combination of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) with either methadone or buprenorphine/Suboxone, detoxification, and intensive one-on-one and group counseling, all in an outpatient setting. BTC’s goal is to partner with each individual we serve to accomplish a personalized treatment program that leads them to live a healthy, productive, addiction free life.

Over 4 million Americans are currently using prescription pain relievers (Opiates) non-medically…

Many heroin abusers also abuse other drugs in conjunction with heroin…

“Would you trust the person you love the most to our care?”

Guiding question of BTC, and question asked daily of BTC care providers